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July/August 2013: Never a dull moment: Things get interesting when psychologists take a closer look at boredom (Vol. 44, No. 7, p. 54).  Monitor on Psychology (American Psychological Association). Digital version available


Summer 2013: Bored stiff (p 6).  York U Magazine. Digital version available


May 10, 2013: Reclaim your passion. Arthritis Today.


April/May 2013: The Waking Dead: Battling Classroom Boredom (p. 9)


March 3, 2013: To unleash your inner genius just copy out the phone book. The Sunday Times.


February 25, 2013: Interesting Fact: There’s a Yawning Need for Boring Professors. The Wall Street Journal.


December 2, 2012: Could boredom be curable? An elusive human annoyance may be finally yielding its secrets. Boston Globe.


November 30, 2012: In a constantly plugged-in world, it’s not all bad to be bored. The New York Times.

    • A version of this article also appeared in print on December 1, 2012 on page B5 of the New York edition with the headline: Why, in a Constantly Plugged-In World, It’s Not All Bad to Be Bored


November 20, 2012: The History of Boredom.


November 3, 2012: Understanding the ‘boregasm’: Boredom is actually a state of stress, researchers say.  The National Post.


October 14, 2012: Is boredom bad for your health? The Guardian.


October 11, 2012: Boredom attracts interest. The Cord. [Wilfrid Laurier Student News Publication.


October 9, 2012: Boredom has more to do with you than the situationNBC News.


October 1, 2012: Researchers find boredom rather interesting.


September 28, 2012: Bored? Researchers Shed Light on Why. University of Guelph. (News Release)


September 26, 2012: “I’m Bored!” – Research on Attention Sheds Light on the Unengaged Mind.  Association for Psychological Science. (Press Release)


September 25, 2012: What is boredom? Psychology Today blog post


January 17, 2008: Boredom can provide opportunity for self-reflection. yFile.




January 26, 2013: Radio New Zealand “This Way Up” Radio Show


December 21, 2012: Wisconsin Public Radio “Veronica Rueckert” Radio Show


November 16, 2012: John Tesh “Intelligence For Your Life” Radio Show


Recorded Talks


April 4, 2013: Listening to boredom (given at York University)